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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The White House Goes Psychic as It Shreds Our Constitutional Rights


Since its inception, BuzzFlash has made it an editorial policy to focus on how the Busheviks abuse the U.S. Constitution by excluding anyone who won't sign a loyalty oath to Bush from his public events. This started with public campaign events prior to the 2000 election, including the arrest of three people for merely holding up small posters at an open-air public rally in Tampa to which all were invited. It has continued as a repeated pattern at taxpayer-funded Bush events during his term as President.

Now mind you, not only are people thrown out or arrested for exercising such First Amendment rights as wearing a John Kerry T-Shirt, they are even excluded admission if the Bush White House "suspects" they are not loyal "Stepford Republicans." Spotters scour the parking lot for bumper stickers that might indicate a person is "for peace" and therefore -- it follows in the White House thinking -- unqualified to attend a presidential event.

The mainstream press has largely ignored this violation of our Constitutional rights, over and over again. It has been left to local press in the Heartland -- like Fargo, North Dakota, Charleston, West Virginia, Omaha, Nebraska and Denver Colorado -- to cover these gross and illegal acts against the rights of American citizens to attend taxpayer-funded public events.

But recently, BuzzFlash has focused on the case of three attendees at a Bush "town meeting" to "sell" his social insecurity plan -- paid for by taxpayers -- at which the three were first excluded from the event because of an "objectionable" bumper sticker (even though they had tickets from a Republican Congressman). Then they were allowed in for 20 minutes, but then escorted out by a man claiming to work for the Secret Service. Another couple was also threatened with arrest, even though they partook in no disruptive activity. (This Denver occurrence -- which is one of many -- is detailed in the resource links at the end of this BuzzFlash editorial.)

The pattern of the White House when called by local press about these chronic violations of the American Constitution was to blame "overzealous local volunteers." And the local press would fall for it each time, because they were unaware that this was a national pattern, since the national mainstream media wasn't reporting much about it at all.

However, the Denver Three -- as they have come to be known -- have put the heat on. They got the Secret Service to admit -- in an unprecedented meeting -- that the man impersonating a Secret Service agent was not one of theirs. Although impersonating a Secret Service agent is a violation of federal law, neither the White House nor the Secret Service will disclose who the man was. Second of all, the "Denver Three" were able to draw de facto admissions from the White House that they were responsible for the exclusions across the nation -- not local "volunteers." In fact, in addition to having "spotters" (or spies) in the parking lots and other nefarious tactics, the White House prepared lists of who was to be excluded.

More frighteningly, White House Press secretary Scott McClellan defended this anti-U.S. Constitutional practice by telling the Rocky Mountain News, "If we think people are coming to the event to disrupt it, obviously, they're going to be asked to leave."

In rare coverage of the pattern of Constitutional abuses by the White House, a Washington Post story recently quoted another White House flak pretty much saying the same thing, emphasizing that the White House had the right to keep out people who would not appropriately "respect" Bush.

This reminded BuzzFlash of the Steven Spielberg film "Minority Report," in which murders could supposedly be predicted and stopped before they occurred. One online review describes the movie this way, "Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick, MINORITY REPORT is set in a 2054 Washington D.C. judicial system in which killers are arrested and convicted before they commit murder using a psychic technology. Tom Cruise is the head of this Pre-crime unit and is himself accused of the future murder of a man he hasn't even met."

Of course, the man behind the "Minority Report" system turns out to be a hypocritical murderer himself, which, in a metaphoric sense, makes the movie an appropriate parallel to the White House's assertion "that simply a belief that someone intends to disrupt a presidential event is enough to get the person removed."

So put the Constitution through the shredder; if you don't "look Republican," a man violating the law by masquerading as a Secret Service man -- or local police -- will keep you from attending an event that you are paying for with your tax dollars, and you may even get arrested if you hold up a sign or wear a T-shirt that isn't consistent with the Bushevik message of the day.

It's all consistent with a foreign policy based on shedding blood -- and billions and billions of our dollars -- in pre-emptive military attacks based on the presumed "intention" of the enemy, even if they don't have the weapons that the Busheviks invented for purposes of prodding the nation into war.

We have people in the White House who believe they are mind readers and that the American Constitution doesn't apply to American citizens. We have people in the White House that want us to pay for their propaganda events, but say that we can't attend them because they "know" that anyone who is not a "Stepford Republican" is, in essence, a criminal in intent.

They are destroying our Constitution; they are establishing a theocracy; and now they claim to be psychic too.

And the mainstream press largely sleeps through it all, as our freedoms our stolen from us one by one.

They are too busy laughing at the hypocritical Laura Bush telling horse penis jokes at the national correspondents' dinner in D.C.

These so-called journalists have traded their souls, their professionalism and their commitment to democracy for cushy jobs and the comfort of being part of the elite ruling class.

How could we expect the mainstream press to remember what the Constitution says? They can't remember the news from yesterday; how could they remember a document that was written more than 225 years ago?

Anyway, to be make it in the mainstream press today, you got to be a psychic, right? After all, you got to keep up with the White House.


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