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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Halliburton Overcharged US Taxpayers more than $1 Billion and Poisoned Our Troops – Why Are We Still Funding This Crooked Company?

Read this article regarding questions the Democrats in Congress raised about Halliburton’s questionable charges to the US Taxpayers totaling over a BILLION DOLLARS including $152,000 in "movie library costs," a $1.5 million tailoring bill, meals it never served to our troops and hundreds of millions more that auditors flagged as bogus charges to the American People! This isn't something the Democrats made up! This has been confirmed by Pentagon auditors looking into it. Over a year and a half ago it was found that Halliburton was giving dirty contaminated food to US Troops and charging us for the privilege of poisoning our brave men and women! This was known by the military brass:“The Pentagon repeatedly warned contractor Halliburton-KBR that the food it served to US troops in Iraq was "dirty," as were as the kitchens it was served in.” Halliburton is still allowed to provide food to our troops! And it turns out that they are still charging us for meals they don't even provide. But it just keeps getting better...a few days ago it was announced that now they have been handed another Billion Dollar contract to provide meals to US troops arond the world! And they have more than $10 billion in work orders from the Army to support U.S. troops and rebuild Iraq's oil industry. This is Cheney’s former company that still pays him a deferred salary and that he owns millions of dollars worth of its stock. Why aren’t the American People demanding Cheney’s resignation and the immediate halt of any more US Tax Dollars to Halliburton? The Republican Party is perfectly happy with Halliburton over charging the US Tax Payers and poisoning our soldiers with contaminated food and stealing from us. When are the American People going to rise up and oust the Republican Party from office and stop the hemorrhaging of our tax dollars to well-connected campaign contributors? When?



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