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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Iraq is now a better terrorist training ground than Afghanistan in the '80s, CIA says, and a greater threat to the U.S. - You can thank George W. Bush

Wednesday, the CIA has released a classified report that Iraq is now a better terrorist training ground than Afghanistan in the '80s (Osama bin Laden and the Taliban and al Qaeda came into existance there) and a greater threat to the U.S. according to a CIA counterterrorism official. Yes, let's repeat that: the CIA believes the Iraq War poses an international threat and may produce better-trained Islamic terrorists than the 1980s Afghanistan war that gave rise to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda, a U.S. counterterrorism official said on Wednesday. Earlier CIA and other Intelligence agencies had said that prior to the Iraq War there was no operational link between Iraq and al Qaeda because Saddam and al Qaeda were enemies, and that since toppling Saddam al Qaeda has set up terrorist training camps in Iraq. This latest report tells us that those new al Qaeda terrorist camps make Iraq a danger to the US and the World which it wasn’t prior to the war.

We know from the Downing Street Memos that George W. Bush had decided by July of 2002 to invade Iraq months before getting authorization from Congress, and that he was going to use WMD and a link to al Qaeda as the reason. And that the evidence didn’t support either of these, but that the “facts were being fixed” to support the decision to invade Iraq. The memos also show that the Bush Administration hadn’t given much thought to what to do in Iraq once Saddam was overthrown. In that aftermath over 1700 servicemembers have been killed IN Iraq and possibly 7000 more died on their way from Iraq to hospitals in Germany. Now as a result of “fixing the facts” to support his decision to invade Iraq the US and the world are in greater danger of Terrorism – this according to the CIA which reports to Bush himself through Bush’s handpicked CIA Director, Porter Goss. Thank you, George W. Bush for making our world a more dangerous place and placing our wives and children in danger for generations to come because you decided to invade Iraq.

Retired US Air force Colonel Sam Gardiner explains in this interview that the Bush Administration has been using Psychological Warfare against the people of the United States utilizing what propaganda literature would refer to as the big lie. Gardiner has taught strategy and military operations at the National War College, Air War College and Naval War College. He was recently a visiting scholar at the Swedish Defence College. During the Iraq War he was a regular expert consulting with news organizations on the US Military. He explains how the Bush Administration used disinformation and psychological warfare - weapons usually used against the 'enemy' - against the American public in order to support the war in Iraq. Let's review that: the Bush Administration has been using weapons - usually used against the 'enemy' - against the American public in order to support their decisions such as invading Iraq. What government uses the kind of weapons they normally use against the nation’s enemies against the people of that nation? Saddam gassed the Kurds. Pol Pot used his military against the Cambodian people. The Soviets used the KGB and their military against the people of the former Soviet Union. And now when Senator Durbin points these things out he is vilified as evil! What about the government that targets its own citizens to be treated as it treats the enemy? Aren’t they the evil ones? If we had a Free Press in the US this story would be on the front page of every newspaper and the lead story on every news broadcast, but the Corporate-Owned US News Media Outlets shield the American People from hearing about these things! Why? They have a vested interest in keeping Bush and people like him in power!


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