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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Republicans Refuse to Allow Dems to use Congressional Meeting Rooms to Investigate Government Corruption that the GOP Refuse to Investigate Themselves

The Republican Party struck an all time low this week. For some time the Majority Republican Party has refused to hold hearings to investigate serious charges of wrongdoing and corruption on the part of the government. Hearing the American people deserve to have held! Democrats such as John Conyers of Michigan have been forced to hold “forums” to investigate these issues and hold them in small meeting rooms in the Capitol. Some of these forums have been televised on C-SPAN allowing the American People to learn of these issues first hand. This cannot be tolerated by the Republican Party which insists that the US citizens be kept in the dark about their backroom dealings and other nefarious activities such as the recently released documents showing that President Bush had decided to invade Iraq the year before the war began despite his telling the American people that he had not made that decision. The documents also show that the Bush administration was going to fix the intelligence to support the decision to invade and that little thought had been given to what to do once Saddam was overthrown. Now years later we are faced with a military quagmire as more and more Iraqis support the opposition to occupation of their country. The Republican Party faced with these secrets coming out now will not allow any Democrat to have even the smallest Congressional rooms to hold these forums so they will be forced to go elsewhere and hope that the American people will learn of the results. When the American People learn that the Republcan Party has been lying to them and have been covering up those lies with more and more secrets to prevent the lies from the light of day, the people will want to exact their revenge on the party of corruption by voting them out of existence like the Whig Party.


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