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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Speculation Mounts that Lost or Stolen Workers’ Compensation Funds in Ohio went to Fund Bush’s Election Campaign

I’ve reported here before about the $50 Million Dollar Coingate scandal in Ohio where a well-connected Republican fundraiser was given $50 Million Dollars in Workers’ Compensation Funds to invest in “rare coins” and either lost or allowed to be stolen more than a quarter of the money! Well, now speculation mounts that this money found its way into Bush’s re-election campaign fund since this Republican who lost the money raised more than $250,000 for Bush and much more for other Ohio Republican candidates. Ohio is controlled by the Republican Party so the likelihood of a fair investigation let alone a vigorous prosecution in this scandal is unlikely. Ohio is a microcosm of the Federal Government where all branches of government are controlled by the Republican Party and corruption is rampant!


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