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Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy Memorial Day! Minneapolis Star-Tribune Becomes First Large Mainstream Media Paper to Proclaim the Truth, Bush Lied Us Into Iraq!!!

Read the editorial here.

Here are some snippets:

In exchange for our uniformed young people's willingness to offer the gift of their lives, civilian Americans owe them something important: It is our duty to ensure that they never are called to make that sacrifice unless it is truly necessary for the security of the country. In the case of Iraq, the American public has failed them; we did not prevent the Bush administration from spending their blood in an unnecessary war based on contrived concerns about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction. President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let them. Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes. Perhaps it happened because Americans, understandably, don't expect untruths from those in power. But that works better as an explanation than as an excuse.

The "smoking gun," as some call it, surfaced on May 1 in the London Times. It is a highly classified document containing the minutes of a July 23, 2002, meeting at 10 Downing Street in which Sir Richard Dearlove, head of Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, reported to Prime Minister Tony Blair on talks he'd just held in Washington. His mission was to determine the Bush administration's intentions toward Iraq.

At a time when the White House was saying it had "no plans" for an invasion, the British document says Dearlove reported that there had been "a perceptible shift in attitude" in Washington. "Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The (National Security Council) had no patience with the U.N. route, and no enthusiasm for publishing material on the Iraqi regime's record. There was little discussion in Washington of the aftermath after military action."

It turns out that former counterterrorism chief Richard Clarke and former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill were right. Both have been pilloried for writing that by summer 2002 Bush had already decided to invade.

No other Major US Newspaper has had the GUTS to declare this in such unambiguous terms. “President Bush and those around him lied, and the rest of us let them. Harsh? Yes. True? Also yes.” The Corporate-Owned US News Media Outlets knew Bush was lying and they let him lie us into wasting our young people’s blood, hundreds of billions of our tax dollars, and our good standing among the other nations of the world whose press exposed Bush’s lies to them “in an unnecessary war based on contrived concerns about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.”

The TV News where 90% of Americans get their news still haven’t shown the guts to tell the truth that the Minneapolis Star-Tribune has. When will the rest of them tell the People of America the TRUTH? That’s a very good question. Why aren’t we all contacting them demanding they do so or else we will contact their advertisers and inform them we will not buy their products until the stations tell the people the truth?! Contact the Minneapolis Star-Tribune and thank them. Then contact the following network news centers and ask them why they still haven’t told their viewers about the Smoking Gun Downing Street Memo that Bush had decided to go to War in the summer or 2002 and that he was going to fix the intelligence around that decision in order to fool the American People into supporting the War in Iraq:


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