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Friday, May 20, 2005

Rupert Murdoch Right-Wing owner of Fox News and the New York Post may have caused the US to violate the Geneva Convention

Rupert Murdoch the Right-Wing owner of Fox News, the New York Post and the Sun (a British daily tabloid) may have caused the US to violate the Geneva Convention. Both the Sun and the New York Post published front page pictures of Saddam Hussein in his prison cell in his underpants. The tabloids said the photos were provided by a U.S. military official. Murdoch’s paper said that they would be publishing other embarrassing pictures of Saddam in his cell in future editions. Maybe even one of those attractive Abu Ghraib butt pyramid photos! While Saddam was a ruthless dictator the Geneva Convention has rules concerning the treatment of prisoners of war, and allowing them to be photographed in their underwear is according to legal experts a clear violation. Of course showing pictures of his sons' dead bodies all bloody and disfigured was considered by legal experts to be violations as well. As were the mistreatment of detainees (most of whom the Pentagon admitted to the Red Cross were not criminals – just people who might have information) at not only Abu Ghraib, but several other holding facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan. But don't fret, since Bush’s Attorney General, Albert Gonzalez, said that the Geneva Convention is quaint and Bush could just ignore it, there won’t be any recriminations toward Murdoch who has been a strong Bush supporter having his Fox News and New York Post twist the news to favor the Bush administration for over 4 years.

Future generations looking back at this time will doubtless consider the many illegal and immoral actions of the Bush administration and their wealthy supporters such as Murdoch (of which this one will be considered the smallest of violations) as flagrant criminals who high jacked the nation for their own financial interests and lust for power, but fortunately for all of them the Corporate-Owned News Media Outlets will continue to keep the American People in the dark about the goings of their elected officials and their Corporate Sponsors. Once their power is broken and the truth finally comes out their epitaph will be comparable to Benedict Arnolds. But for now their reputations are safely protected.


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