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Friday, May 13, 2005

Illinois Teens Challenge Rush Limpballs to a Debate after he says they Don’t Know Anything about World War II – But He’s too Chicken to Debate Kids!

Recently Rush Limpballs went off on how stupid kids are because he heard about a multicultural class High School students in Evanston, Illinois take. Recovering Drug Addict Rush came to the conclusion that if they take that class then they must know nothing about World War II saying that Evanston Township High School students "don't know anything about World War II" and "they've probably never heard the name Adolf Hitler" because they're so focused on a multicultural curriculum. Exactly how did Rush come to this conclusion? I think he’s pill-popping again. The students of the high school he slammed then challenged Rush to a debate on World War II. Rush for once was silent. He doesn’t want to debate the kids. And with good reason. All ETHS sophomores choose among several "global perspectives" courses covering the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia and Russia. In the Middle East class, for example, students adopt a new identity for the semester -- a Syrian baker or a medical student in Qatar -- and try to view what's transpiring in the region from that perspective.

"In 2003, ETHS won an excellence in international education award from the Asia Society and the Goldman Sachs Foundation. ETHS offers seven languages, including Japanese and Hebrew, and has several clubs with an international flavor, including Model United Nations and Amnesty International. Students and staff also point out that the school requires yearlong courses in U.S. history and Western civilization."

"It's funny to me that someone would say we don't know about World War II -- we live in a large Jewish community," said Jane Biliter, a senior. Each year, the school hosts activities for Holocaust Remembrance Week. "Until 10th grade, all we did was U.S. and European history. It's just so false that what he says is funny."

"It struck me as incomprehensible that somebody would think multiculturalism antithetical to American values," Supt. Allan Alson said. "I was stunned that he had such certainty that our kids were not knowledgeable about basic American history when in fact our student do extremely well" on standardized tests in that area. "It's a shame he lets his conclusions determine his evidence."

"Aaron Becker, who teaches the Middle East class, said his students also are considering sending Limbaugh essays they've written on American history.
'This is a perfect teachable moment,' Becker said. 'Kids are angry and want to respond by showing they know a lot, that it's not a zero-sum game, that you can learn about more than one history.'"

Becker said the kids will decide how best to respond.

"It's not even worth responding to," said Aaron Hamilton, a senior. "He has nothing to say about my education and my future. He's just a guy talking on the radio."

Read more about how Rush Limbaugh is too chicken to debate the high schoolers he claimed don’t know anything about World War II. They would kick his pill popping pimply butt.



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