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Thursday, May 19, 2005

News in a nutshell

Bush EPA Official Admits Helping Developer Destroy Wetlands

Columbia Journalism School to media: Everything you know is wrong

Bush is Wrong -- Filibuster is an Integral Part of Country's History

GOP leader says Dems trying to assassinate judges, while judge whose family was murdered testifies

Newsweek Finds Bad Stories Aren't Equal

American who was a UN weapons inspector in Iraq shares his views on Iran's nuclear capabilities

Red Cross told U.S. of Koran incidents as early as 2002 - reports continued until the end of 2004 in spite of this White House presses Newsweek to repair U.S. image abroad -- Interesting But Did Newsweek Damage America's Image? Joint Chiefs of Staff, Air Force General Richard Myers, said that the Newsweek article wasn’t responsible as reported on Bush' own State Dept. website and here on its Pentagon web site - A Guantanamo prisoner reported Koran abuse over a year ago and a US Official apologized for this.

Patriot Act expansion would let FBI bypass judges

Red State gets $1.5 Million More in Pork from Congress For "a Bus Stop" Thanks to Republican Senator, but Doesn’t Know How To Spend that much Money for a Measly Bus Stop Remember that Blue States Pay In Most of the Federal Dollars and the Red States Take the Most in Federal Pork Barrel Payoffs but Complain about How Much Taxes They Pay!

Bush’s FBI and ATF Claim that Animal Rights Activists and Environmental Activists are the Biggest Danger to America – Forget about those Republicans in Congress and Televangelists Calling for Deaths of US Judges and Other Domestic Terrorists Blowing Up Abortion Clinics and Shooting Doctors and Right-Wing Militia Members Blowing Up Federal Buildings and Threatening to Shoot Mexicans Coming Over the Border – No, It’s Definitely Those Animal Rights Activists and Environmental Activists that We Need Protection From. James Inhofe a Republican senator and the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee said that he thought PETA (the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were supporting terrorist groups. Some committee members have expressed skepticism over the high level of concern toward environmental and animal rights activists.


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