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Sunday, May 29, 2005

News in a nutshell

Parent Company of CBS Censors Rock Group "Nine Inch Nails" from Performing Song in Front of Bush Image

Republican Senators Voted for Bush's Right Wing, Extremist, Hack Judicial Activists with An Ideological Agenda, Not a Respect for the Law

Bush gives nation a lump of coal claiming our energy future is coal!

Departing NY Times Editor Attacks one of the few voices for the truth coming from that now disreputable rag!

Former speechwriter for Mario Cuomo explains why he is joining the GOP! – a must read

Will Bush Admin Slam War on Terror Hero Pat Tillman’s Parents Now That they are Critical of Bush Admin? I think they will. They’ve Attacked Former Members of the Bush Admin for Less!

Closed military bases could become repositories for nuclear waste under a little-noticed section of a spending bill that was passed by the House this week! You know all those jobs lost to your community? Well we’re replacing them with dangerous nuclear waste so don’t worry!

Republican Senator Santorum Faulted for introducing legislation 2 days after taking $2000 Donation from recipient of that legislation – How dumb do Republicans in Congress think the American People are?

Egyptian plain-clothes police beat up demonstrators in central Cairo - in some cases groping women protesters. Laura Bush praised this as a great step forward! Just like her husband’s suppression of protestors in the US!

Intelligence analysts who got Iraq intel wrong are rewarded for screwing up and helping Bush to push US troops into Iraq based on erroneous info! Great job guys! Keep up the good work!!!


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