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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

FBI Records Released Showing Reports of Guantanamo Bay Guards Mistreating Koran Including Flushing One Down the Toilet Going Back to 2002!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember how the Bush Administration made Newsweek apologize and retract a one paragraph article that the US was investigating whether Gitmo guards mistreated the Koran including flushing one down the toilet? Republicans were calling for the Newsweek writer to be tried on charges of TREASON or KILLED FOR MAKING UP THIS OUTRAGEOUS LIE!!!! Well, just released FBI records show that Guantanamo Bay guards going back to 2002 have been accused of mistreating the Koran, and at least one allegedly flushed a Koran down the toilet back in 2002! The Bush Administration has known for THREE #$@$#@ YEARS that this had happened, and yet they made Newsweek bow and scrape for forgiveness, and then the White House Spokesman for Bush blamed them for 15 DEATHS and the DESTRUCTION of the US GOOD NAME AND REPUTATION throughout the world! President Bush’s Official White House Spokesman Scott McClellan On May 16 said that the Newsweek’s cost peoples lives he repeated the charge on May 17. Now that the truth is coming out Bush’s official spokesman is backpedaling on those claims! What a bunch of lying SOBS!!!!! Read about the FBI files that the ACLU made the Bush Admin surrender to the public showing that they have been once again lying to us!!!!


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