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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Free Speech Died In America Once Bush Was Elected President! Here’s Further Proof!

All across the nation for as long as President Bush has been in office those who were protesting his policies were removed miles away from events featuring Bush and placed in “Free Speech Zones” where they were behind fences and not allowed to be interviewed by the press. No previous US President had done this! Then those who were members of the Democratic Party or had pins or T-Shirts or bumper stickers on their cars critical of Bush Administration policy were thrown out of Tax Payer Funded events featuring Bush even if they were not protesting only attending peacefully. A while back 3 people in Denver with tickets to see Bush at a Tax Payer Funded event were thrown out by a Republican Party official posing as a Secret Service Agent because of a bumper sticker on their car. Once again an American Citizen with a valid ticket to see President Bush at a Tax Payer Funded Event was prevented from attending because he had a Democratic Party T-Shirt. Many of other attendees at the Arizona event were allowed in with Republican T-Shirts, but the one attendee who had on a Democratic Party T-Shirt was refused entrance from the Tax Payer Funded event even though he had a valid ticket from his US Congressman. Only those with tickets from their members of Congress can now attend Bush’s Tax Payer Funded speeches. But if you happen to be wearing a political T-Shirt it has to be a Republican Party T-Shirt. No Democratic Party T-Shirts are allowed! This is America after all the home of Freedom and Democracy and the One Party that Controls the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and has a Supreme Court with 7 of the 9 justices appointed by Republican Presidents including the Chief Justice who was appointed as a justice by a Republican President and as Chief Justice by another Republican President. 10 of the 13 US Federal Appellate Judges were appointed by Republican Presidents as well. So naturally in the home of Freedom and Democracy and Free Speech you can’t wear a Democratic Party T-Shirt! Only a Republican one! The 19 year old University of Arizona student was wearing a UA Young Democrats T-shirt which is white and has the party's logo on the back. He offered to take the T-shirt off and wear only the long-sleeved blue shirt he had on underneath, but the event staff still would not admit him. No Democratic Party members allowed. They only make up 49% of the voters in the last election not the 51% who voted for Bush. Majority rules in this country! You are either with us (the Republican Party) or you are against us (America). There is not middle ground in the New Amerika of George Bush!!!!! A staff member asked to see his shirt before crumpling up the student’s ticket and walking away. He returned to say the Young Democrat's name had been added to the list of those not allowed into the convention hall. I fully expect the young man to be visited in the middle of the night and taken to Guantanamo Bay to be Tortured for his High Crime of being a Democrat! How dare he vote for anyone else than Emperor George!!! Off with his head says the Emperor!! Off with his head!! Long Live King George!!


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