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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Senate Too Embarrassed to Post British MP George Galloway’s Indictment of GOP and Bush Admin on Senate.GOV!!! What are they afraid of—the TRUTH!!!

Every time someone is brought before a Senate Committee to give testimony (especially when that witness is an official of a foreign government!), a transcript of the entire testimony is posted for all of the Citizens of the US to see on Senate.GOV the Senate’s official website. That’s so that we can see what our elected officials are doing and show they are spending our tax dollars! Well, British MP George Galloway testified before Senator Norm Coleman's U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Permanent Subcommittee in which he not only showed that charges against him were false, he indicted all of the Republicans in Congress and the Bush Administration on their own involvement in the UN Oil-for-Food Program (Bush’s Oil Companies were responsible for more than half of the illegal payoffs!), but Galloway didn’t stop there, he indicted Congress and the Bush Administration for their knowingly misleading the People of the United States of America into a War that itself was illegal since Bush had already decided to send US Forces months before getting Congressional permission and had also decided to falsify intelligence in order to justify the war. Sen. Coleman and his Republican brethren were so embarrassed that while they initially posted Galloway’s testimony, they after one day of it being posted they removed it from Senate.GOV. The refuse to re-post it. Reason? They don’t want the American people to read it! Well guess what? Someone else has transcribed the complete testimony and posted it here. Now the American people can know what their elected officials are doing despite their desire to keep it secret. Too bad, Norm. You are an IDIOT for bringing a man with the balls to call you what you are before everyone!!!! They say a lawyer should NEVER ask a witness a question if he doesn’t know what that answer will be. Lawyer and freshman Senator Norm Coleman did just that, and he got BURNED!!!!

The testimony of every single other witness who gave testimony before the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on the Oil for Food scandal is included on the Senate.GOV website except for Galloway's testimony which they removed after a single day. Yes, that's right every single other witnesses testimony is available on Senate.GOV except the one guy who called the GOP out on their hypocrisy and laid the blame where it belonged.

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