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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bush Admin Releases Military Inquiry Finding US Guards Splashed a Koran with Urine, Kicked, Stepped on, Soaked With Water and Wrote Obscenities in 'Em

The Old Late Friday Media Trick the Bush Admin Made Famous: Pentagon Admits Koran Abuse!!

As usual the Bush admin has released damaging news on Friday evening after the Friday evening news airs so that it will be old news by Monday morning and not reported and learned by most Americans. They have done this time and time again during the 4 ½ years they have been in power. This time the damning news is a newly completed military inquiry finding US guards splashed a Koran with urine, kicked another, stepped on another and soaked another with water and wrote obscenities in another one. This is the report that Newsweek mistakenly said included a Koran being put into a toilet. That incident while reported by detainees was not included in the report, but a guard urinating on a detainee and his Koran was. Because of that slight error Newsweek had to retract their one paragraph report and apologize and promise to work to repair the damage to the US’s international reputation that the Bush Administration has destroyed! The Bush Admin and Republican Echo Chamber has been saying that this is an example of the Mythical "Liberal Media" that keeps kissing Bush's Ass and retracting or canceling stories critical of the Bush Administration! Read some reports of the Bush Admin admitting Koran abuse including splashing urine on it and writing obscenities in them here and here and here. This is the Bush Administration's Pentagon admitting this late Friday evening after the Friday Evening News has aired. Not some liberals claiming it, but the Pentagon which reports to Rumsfeld admitting it!!!


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