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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Terrorists Wanted Bush Re-elected Conservative Israeli Newspaper Reports – Reporters Held by Terrorists Agree

In the 2004 election the Bush campaign kept saying that the terrorists wanted Kerry to win. This flew in the face of intelligence which reported that Bush’s decision to invade Iraq had invigorated al Qaeda and boosted their numbers a thousand fold. The US TV News never told the American Public that; instead they just reported what the Bush Admin said, that a Kerry win is what the Terrorists wanted. Well, the Jerusalem Post, a very conservative Israeli newspaper reported what many of us (49% of American Voters) knew which is that the Terrorists were hoping that George W. Bush would be re-elected. Two journalists who were held by Terrorists confirmed what intelligence had said all along. The Terrorists are ticked pink that George W. Bush was re-elected because it has continued to boost numbers of al Qaeda volunteers and has further angered moderate Muslims causing them to sympathize more with al Qaeda and their ilk. Read the article in the Jerusalem Post here. The Terrorist leader the journalists interviewed while being held had trained with Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and told them the insurgents supported a Bush presidency because they believed it meant that "there will be confrontation, occupation and radicalization of the Iraqi people." The CIA recently reported that the Iraq War has created in Iraq a greater Terrorist Training Ground than had existed in Afghanistan in the 80s. Afghanistan led to Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda and the Taliban. The CIA reported that prior to the Iraq War al Qaeda did not have a foothold in Saddam’s Iraq because they were enemies of one another. That roadblock lifted al Qaeda is growing in Iraq and Iraq now represents a danger to the US and the World where no such danger had previously existed according to the CIA. The televised US News has not and will not inform the American people of these issues. Contact them and demand that they stop self censoring the news. This is our nation -- all of the Americans' not just the most powerful!


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