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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Congressman Peter King: Traitor to America

I used to respect Congressman Peter King, but not anymore. He once had the guts to stand up to his party and their wrongheaded polices. But not anymore. He has turned his back on all that is American. He is blaming CIA Agent Valerie Plame Wilson for Karl Rove revealing that she was an Undercover CIA Operative because King thinks that her husband lied when he said that Vice President Cheney had requested that the CIA investigate claims that Saddam Hussein tried to buy Uranium from the country of Niger. Rove’s act of treason not only revealed that one covert CIA operations officer, but he outed every other CIA Operative working at the “energy company” where Valerie Plame Wilson worked. It was actually a CIA Front for work in eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction from falling into the hands of our nation’s enemies. Every contact in every country that those CIA Operatives communicated with have been outed, too. They were all risking their lives for America, and now they have all been endangered. All for political payback. And now he and others in the Republican Party are blaming the victims for this. King said that members of the news media should be “shot” if they don’t attack Valerie and her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson and blame them, too. The rest of the Republicans are on the televised news attacking the Wilsons saying that they are to blame for Rove’s act of Treason, and King wants the media to more fully back this lie. HOW UN-AMERICAN, UNPATRIOTIC AND PRO-ENEMY CAN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY GET BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT CIA AGENTS AND SERVICE MEMBERS RISKING THEIR LIVES ON A DAILY BASIS. IN MY EYES CONGRESSMAN PETER KING IS NO LONGER AN AMERICAN!!!! HE AND THE OTHERS WHO ARE CRUCIFYING THE ACTUAL VICTIMS OF THIS TREASON HAVE SOLD THEIR SOULS TO THE DEVIL. I AM ASHAMED TO LIVE IN A TIME WHEN TRAITORS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE IN CONTROL OF THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!! I long for the day when the truth is known by the American People and names like Peter King and Karl Rove are remembered like the name of Benedict Arnold. Traitors All!


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