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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Republican OH Chief Justice disqualifies all Democratic Judges from hearing case on Republican Corruption

I have been reporting here about the cesspool that is the Corruption Riddled Ohio State Government that stole workers compensation funds and retiree accounts and gave it to Republican Fundraisers who lost the money on flimsy risky investments akin to betting the state funds on the horses. Some of those funds may have ended up being contributed to state Republican politicians’ campaign funds. Some may have found their way into President Bush’s re-election campaign according to sources. Now Ohio’s Chief Justice, who is a Republican, has disqualified all Judges who are members of the Democratic Party from hearing the case. He says he wants to avoid the perception of bias, but he’s really hoping to avoid these thieves from being convicted and implicating all the Republicans in the Ohio State Government all the way up to the Governor and the Secretary of State as well as President Bush who received contributions and funds raised by these criminals. The Secretary of State for Ohio, who was Bush’s state campaign manager and controlled elections in Ohio, is widely suspected as being involved in the many voting irregularities which plagued Ohio in the 2004 Presidential Election. The people of Ohio have been suffering from a crime ridden state government for many years now. I have in-laws born and raised in Ohio who have left the state because it is such a den of iniquity. I feel sorry for the people still stuck in the state. The Ohio Republican Party runs the state like the mob. There is no hope that the wrongdoers will come to justice. None. Even less now that only Republican Judges can hear the case that implicates Republican Politicians and Republican Fundraisers.


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