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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Message Clear: If You Disagree With Bush You Are Unpatriotic! According To Mainstream US Media!

President Bush gave another July 4 speech in West Virginia this year. There were 300 to 500 protestors according to witnesses. MS-NBC in their web coverage of the event didn’t mention the protestors, but on the air their reporter said, “There were some protestors but mostly it was patriotic Americans.” So if you disagree with Bush you are unpatriotic or not an American at all! During Clinton’s presidency there were many Americans who strongly disagreed with him. Google “Clinton” AND “Hitler” and you will find almost a million hits many in Mainstream Media calling either Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton Hitler. During his years as president, no one, but no one was stupid enough to call those who disagreed with Clinton un-American or unpatriotic. As soon as George W. Bush was sworn into office the Republicans branded everyone who disagreed with Bush as un-American or unpatriotic or both. The mainstream media gladly joined in doing the same. Now more than 4 ½ years later they’re still at it. If you disagree with President Bush you are unpatriotic or un-American or both. The message couldn’t be clearer.

Now one day after Independence Day let us remember that our nation’s founding fathers were considered unpatriotic by the then ruling British Government and the media which were supportive of it. Nathan Hale as they put a noose around his neck for defying the British Government at the time of the Revolution said, “My only regret is that I have but one life to give to my country.” If Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Nathan Hale and so many other heros of America can be unpatriotic for disagreeing with King George, we can to. God bless America!


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