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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Major City Newspaper Editor Admits They Sit On Stories the Public Deserves to Know Because the Media Fears Reprisals from Government

Doug Clifton, Editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, that city’s largest and most respected newspaper, recently admitted that the newspaper is currently sitting on two hugely important stories that the public deserves to know. It is because of legal fears of prosecution they are withholding the stories from the public. Lawyers for the Corporation that owns the newspaper have informed Clifton that he must keep both stories secret for fear of prosecution because the stories are based on leaked documents. Downing Street Memos anyone? Clifton wonders how many other stories are being suppressed for fear of the government’s response. Hundreds if not more. This is a growing problem in the US today as the Mainstream Media keeps critically important stories from the public for fear of Governmental Retribution. It is heartening to know that editors (and not just the reporters) are feeling frustrated that they are not being allowed to inform the American Public of issues that we need to know because the powers that be don’t want us to know. I'm frustrated too!


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