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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Intelligent Design NOT Very Intelligent—President Bush Wants it Taught in School

President Bush said Monday, August 1, that he believes schools should teach "intelligent design" alongside evolution when teaching students about the origin of life. Intelligent Design is the “school” of thought that man and the rest of living things did not evolve but were designed by an intelligence greater than our own. That intelligence need not be God according to the teachings of Intelligent Design. There is a problem with this, though. Let us call that intelligence which designed us “intelligence A.” Who designed intelligence A? If the answer is no one—intelligence A just evolved—you have argued for evolution. If the answer is intelligence B—a still greater intelligence than intelligence A—it begs the question of who designed intelligence B. At some point you must say that the intelligence just evolved, or the intelligence is God and therefore was not designed, or you have an infinite number of intelligences each greater than the preceding one. So Intelligent Design boils down to one of the following: another argument in favor of evolution, creationism, or a silly idea with an infinite number of designers each more inteligent than the prior one. Since the infinite designers answer would require a universe filled with such inteligent creative individuals (not something seen anywhere around Washington DC or in Red State America) you either have to conclude that President Bush wants just evolution or evolution plus creationism taught in our schools. There is no other conclusion if you are inteligent.


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