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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rove Admitted he had “Said Too Much” When he Identified Undercover CIA Agent – He Knew He Had Outed Her!

Karl Rove now claims that he didn’t even know that Joe Wilson’s wife was an undercover CIA operative, and that he learned it from the press. But Matt Cooper one of the reporters he called to tell this to testified under oath before a grand jury that Rove told him that she was a CIA operative, and that he said, “I’ve already said too much.” He knew he has outed her. He could have at that point said that this information was “off the record.” This would have prevented Cooper from being able to print it according to the media rules concerning off the record information. But Rove did not tell him that this was off the record even when he realized he had revealed her identity as an undercover CIA agent. This was before Robert Novak printed the information after talking to Rove. Another “senior White House official” besides Rove spoke to Novak and told him that Wilson’s wife was a CIA operative, too. According to the rules, Novak needed at least two anonymous sources to go to print, and Rove and the other “senior White House official” made two! We now know that Cooper talked to Rove and Vice President Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby. Those were his two anonymous sources. When this first came out Bush and his spokesman, Scott McClellan, said that anyone involved in leaking that information to the press would no longer be working for the administration. Now Bush says that anyone “convicted” of the crime would be fired. If Rove and Libby are convicted I fully expect him to change it to “Anyone executed for treason will no longer work for this administration. Indicted, convicted. Fine! But mark my words…once they are executed they will never work for my administration again! I have said this from the start, and I mean it.”


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