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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nationwide “Christian” Adoption Agency that Receives State Funds Refuses to Place Children with Catholic Parents – Says Catholics Are NOT Christians

Read this article about a nationwide “Christian” adoption agency that receives state funds and refuses to place children with parents who are Catholic. “Catholicism does not agree with our Statement of Faith” They said adding, “Our practice to not accept applications from Catholics was an effort to be good stewards of an adoptive applicant's time, money and emotional energy.” They’ll accept Catholic’s tax dollars, but not their adoption applications.

Before the 2000 and 2004 elections George W. Bush made stops at Bob Jones University a “Christian” school that still teaches that Catholics are not Christian and will go to hell and that the Pope is the Anti-Christ. At least that’s what they said about John Paul II. I don’t know if they have given the role to the new pope. Probably since the world didn’t end yet, and the Anti-Christ is supposed to kick that off. Bob Jones University gave a PhD to Ian Paisley, the Belfast politician who says that Catholics (especially those in Ireland) are mongrels and demon-spawn. Paisley has been invited back to speak at the school many times. I’m glad that faith-based programs are providing our tax dollars to organizations like the afore mentioned adoption agency that discriminates against Catholics. And our President visits and speaks at schools that teach that Catholics are followers of the devil.


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