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Friday, July 15, 2005

Media Repeats Rove’s Lies: Wilson Said Cheney Sent Him To Niger and Rove was Just Trying to Set the Record Straight, Wilson's wife not undercover, etc

Read this analysis of the LIES that the media continues to tell in support of Karl Rove.

Rove and his supporte claim that he was trying to correct Wilson’s claim that Cheney sent him (a claim that Wilson never made as you will learn from the analysis). But this is impossible since Rove spoke to the reporters outing Wilson's CIA wife more than three weeks before Wilson was supposed to have made the claim which it turns out was taken out of context anyway. How could Rove had predicted that Wilson was going to misspeak three weeks later, and why would he call reporters then to correct a statement yet to be made? He wouldn’t. It is a LIE fabricated and perpetuated to protect a TRAITOR from going to prison because he is central to the Bush Administration. In spite of the IMPOSSIBLITY of Rove’s claim, the Corporate-Owned Media continue to tell it to the American People.

The analysis shows no fewer than eight instances of the Corporate-Owned News Media repeating this false claim. AP News Source falsely reported Wilson "acknowledged his wife was no longer in an undercover job" when her identity was first publicly leaked this has been showed to be false by another analysis of the record. As if that wasn’t enough, CNN also reported falsely that Mrs. Wilson was not an undercover officer. In addition the Mainstream Media is misrepresenting the Presidents pledge to fire anyone involved in the leak. Just go to to see dozens of instances where the Corporate-Owned News Outlets are misleading the American People on this issue! Can we get a free press for a change? I hope future generations understand the level of falseness we had to contend with from our media and government in the early days of the 21st Century. I yearn for those days in the future when this will all come to light to the extent that the majority of Americans know the truth.


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