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Friday, July 15, 2005

Republicans Afraid to Say Rove’s Outing of Several CIA Agents Wrong

Republican politicians and operatives are afraid of the unchecked power that Rove, as the “architect” the Bush Administration, weilds. Think about it: Rove betrayed not just a single CIA Agent, but an entire CIA Front Company filled with CIA Agents working to keep WMDs out of the hands of terrorists during a war against those terrorists, and you can't find a single Washington Republican willing to say that was wrong. Not a single Washington Republican has condemned that act of betrayal which compromised our ability to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of our enemies (that is what the front company specialized in). That is beyond mere cultish ideological loyalty, that is pure fear. It must be. Either they are afraid of opposing Rove, or they just don’t care if terrorists get nuclear weapons. That is too hard to believe. I am hoping to God it is fear. But we shall see.


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