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Monday, August 22, 2005

Republican Senator Rick Santorum’s Supporters have Police Intimidate and Threaten Women for Questions they Might Ask him in the Future

Frequently when President Bush appears at American Tax Payers’ expense Americans who do not agree with him are forcibly removed or prevented from attending even if they do not do anything or say anything against the President’s views. The White House defended this practice by saying that they “know” that those who disagree with the President will disrupt any public appearance in the future and so having them arrested or detained or forcibly removed for “crimes” they may (or that the White House “knows” they will) commit in the future is perfectly okay. George Orwell called these “thought crimes” in his novel 1984: a world where Big Brother ran everything and thinking anything contrary to Big Brother was punishable. The Minority Report was a movie about a world where people were arrested and imprisoned or executed for crimes they would commit in the future based on what psychics saw. The Bush Administration similarly excludes those who disagree with Bush’s policies based on “knowledge” of what they might do in the future. Life imitating art. This practice was expanded to other members of the Bush Administration early in his first term and has continued into his second. No one who disagrees with Bush Administration Policy is allowed to attend speaking engagements that they pay for with their tax dollars if any senior member of the administration is featured. Only supporters allowed, though everyone pays for it.

Republican Senator Rick Santorum is selling his new book (and making a lot of money at it) and was at a book signing at Barnes and Noble in his home state on August 10. A few of his constituents who disagree with him went to the book signing. They were planning on asking him some questions during the question and answer period. Prior to that one joked that she might ask Santorum to sign a different book: one by a gay author. A supporter of Santorum’s got a State Trooper named Sgt. DiJiacomo to threaten and intimidate all of Santorum’s constituents who were in that group that included the woman who made the joke. He repeatedly threatened them and forced them to leave the store or he'd send them to jail. He even later threatened them in the parking lot just for good measure.

“Drew Fennell sees the incident in a larger context. ‘This is trickle down from Bush: Politicians are now keeping away, out of sight, anybody who disagrees with them,’ she says. ‘If the Senator’s staff was so put off by the idea he might be asked a difficult question that they brought in the police, that’s a sad commentary on the state of political discourse.’”

A sad commentary indeed. We have entered the world of 1984 and the Minority Report.

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Blogger PatEhler said...

Bush has appeared several times here in Iowa near where I live. Of course, if you are not a registered Republican, you cannot get a ticket to see him. Even if he is appearing at taxpayer expense in a taxpayer-owned public park. He IS still my president, isn't he? Even if I dare to disagree with him?

I was seriously considering going to see him last year when he was running for office and commmitting an act of civil disobedience so I could get arrested. Just to make a point. Last year several women were arrested for showing up without a ticket and crossing a street.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Even people with valid tickets have been kicked out of taxpayer funded Bush events if the ticketholders happen to NOT be registered Republicans. At one such event a White House staffer impersonated a secret service agent in order to kick some taxpaying ticketholding Democrats out, and the Feds never prosecuted him for it. They dropped the investigation even though it is a crime. Bush has driven a wooden stake through democracy. He'll be remembered as the most undemocratic president in US history. Our grandchildren will remember his name along with that of Benadict Arnold.

4:05 PM  

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