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Monday, October 31, 2005

Right-Wing Conservative Republican Newspaper has Inside Scoop on Forged Docs Used to Start Iraq War and Bush Admin Efforts to Discredit Joe Wilson

The right-wing conservative Republican newspaper, The American Conservative, is covering how the Bush Administration was in all likelihood behind the forged Niger documents used to bolster support for the war by alleging that Saddam tried to buy Uranium from that African country.

That Vice President Cheney’s office and the Pentagon’s “Office of Special Plans” set up to circumvent the CIA and the State Department by bringing raw unvetted “intelligence” (i.e. propaganda dressed up as intelligence) directly to the policy makers in the White House to influence foreign policy in ways they could not if their “intelligence” were analyzed by career intelligence analysts and diplomats trained in discerning shit from shineola.

The article further points out that the Bush Administration targeted Ambassador Joe Wilson sliming his reputation and revealing his wife’s undercover CIA identity in order to punish him and supress their involvement in the forgeries and other lies used to start the Iraq War.

Hat’s off to a right-wing conservative Republican newspaper brave enough to say what most of the US Corporate Mainstream Media is too afraid to say. Thank you American Conservative for reporting the truth to the American People on this important issue!


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