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Thursday, November 10, 2005

If the Bush Admin is Innocent Why are Republicans in Congress and in the Mainstream Media Blocking an Investigation?

Journalist Kevin Drum asks the question many of us truly patriotic Americans have been asking without getting an adequate answer, “If it's really true that the Bush administration did nothing to spin, exaggerate, or lie about WMD before the war, why are war supporters so relentlessly trying to suppress any congressional investigation into this? You'd think they'd welcome it instead. For a bunch of innocent bystanders, they sure are acting awfully guilty.”

It turns out that the Bush Administration had many experts who did NOT believe that Saddam had WMD: “INR, for example, thought the African uranium was bogus [it turned out it was based on forged documents easily shown to be forgeries]. DIA thought our prime witness for Iraqi-al-Qaeda WMD collaboration was lying [he was]. The Air Force found the evidence on drones to be laughable [they were]. DOE didn't believe in the aluminum tubes [they were right!]. None of these dissents was acknowledged by the Bush administration.” The Bush Administration religiously suppressed all experts who disagreed with their arguments for war which all were later shown to be false including the claim that Saddam was behind the September 11 attacks and had operational links to al-Qaeda. Bush himself had to admit that Saddam was not behind 9/11 and that we never had any evidence he was back in September of 2003 six months after Bush sent US troops into Iraq. The 9//11 Commission led by a Republican appointed by Bush admitted that Saddam’s Iraq had no operational links to al-Qaeda and never had. Experts in the Bush Administration doubted Bush and Cheney’s claims. The Bush Administration kept these dissenting views from the public.

If this is not true and Bush and Cheney did not ignore experts with dissenting views in order to push for war, then a thorough independent investigation would find that out. If they fully cooperate with the investigation it could conclude in time for the 2006 midterm elections in November of 2006 and help the Republicans win big in the polls. So why are Republicans in Congress and Conservative Pundits in the Mainstream Media trying to block an investigation? Answer: they know that Bush and Cheney did block dissenting views in order to push for war and then according to recent surveys the public would demand impeachment for all those responsible including Bush and Cheney.


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