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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Update on E-Votes -- Utah Must Use Defective Machines

Despite their e-vote machines being defective the State of Utah is mandating that election officials use the defective e-vote machines. Some have been delivered as new systems with election data results already installed on their memory cards. Isn’t that handy? No need to have the actual election because the results are already in the system when the machine is delivered. They were also found to be set up to be accessed via a network. Also very handy. Why would someone need to login into an e-vote terminal remotely during an election? Hmm. Very handy indeed. But Utah State Government Officials say they have to use these machines to collect (or actually they’ve already collected since they arrived with election results already installed) the votes in the upcoming elections. Read more at Black Box Voting.


Blogger HT4E said...

There are a half dozen stories about defective or compromised voting machines coming out every week. People need to be paying attention to this stuff or we are going to have another election fiasco on our hands in 2008.

11:21 AM  

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