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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bush Admin Blocking Our Troops Access to Information unless it is Right-Wing

The US Air Force is blocking airmen from accessing progressive (read more favorable to the Democratic Party) web sites but allows airmen to access hyper-right-wing (read rabidly pro-Republican Party) web sites. A number of airmen trying to access,, and other progressive sites are getting a “very scary screen to pop up, warning the user that a regulation or policy or some such has been violated and the address of the computer has been logged.” “On the other hand, Free Republic and Little Green Footballs [two of the hyper-pro-Republican sites] came through just fine, thank you very much.” So far no incidents of right-wing sites being blocked have been reported only progressive ones.

Previously complaints that Right-Wing-Nut Rush Limbaugh and others are being broadcast to our troops worldwide courtesy of our tax dollars, but not broadcasters from the other side of the isle arose. The Bush Administration toyed with the idea of giving our troops both sides of the debate on issues they are risking their lives for, but decided that only the pro-Republican side counted.

Support our troops by censoring any view but Bush’s. That’s what the USSR, oops, I mean the US is all about.


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