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Friday, May 05, 2006

Bush’s CIA Director Suddenly Resigns after News of Involvement in Hookergate

Porter Goss, the man Bush appointed as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and who has been driving out all CIA officers with Democratic sypathies (Goss was a GOP congressman before coming to head CIA), promptly resigned today. Recently Goss was named as one of the participants in parties in which convicted lobbyists provided Republican members of Congress with prostitutes. This Hookergate scandal is directly related to the Duke Cunningham bribery scandal. A spokesperson for Goss originally said the charge was preposterous, but when more evidence came out Goss suddenly resigned.

Goss promoted Kyle "Dusty" Foggo to the number 3 spot at CIA. Foggo is a longtime friend of lobbyist (and criminal co-conspirator) Wilkes who received corrupt contracts with both the CIA and the Pentagon under Bush. Foggo was in charge of giving out those contracts at the CIA and has attended the parties Wilkes threw. Goss is believed to have met Foggo at these parties. These are the parties with prostitutes that gives Hookergate its name.

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