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Monday, May 01, 2006

Senate Republicans Screw Troops Yet Again

In the years since Republicans seized control of all branches of the US Government one thing they have consistently done is to cut funding and services to active military personnel and veterans. Well, they’re not done screwing the troops yet! Senate Republicans voted to cut nearly $2 Billion from money earmarked for body armor, tools to defeat improvised explosive devices for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and training the Iraqi security forces. A Democratic amendment to keep the funding for our troops was overturned on a vote of 54-44 with Democrats voting for and Republicans voting against. The Democratic amendment that the Republicans defeated was to keep funding for troops and allow emergency funding for border security. The Republican measure that they passed cut the funding to our troops by nearly $2 Billion. Read it and weep for our service members who will die because Republicans have the nerve to give away Corporate Welfare to oil and tobacco and pharmaceutical companies and tax breaks to the richest 1% of Americans, but take away the needed funding from our men and women in uniform.

Support the troops: Vote Democratic!


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