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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bush’s HUD Secretary: I Just Made Up That Thing I said About Breaking the Law

Bush’s HUD Secretary bragged to a group at a speaking engagement about cancelling government contracts if the CEO of the contracting company wasn’t pro-Bush. Now that he realizes that is a violation of the law and the First Amendment he says he made it up. And he regrets that he said it. But his spokesperson said it was true. She said that the contractor deserved to have their contact canceled because their CEO had “trashed” Bush (i.e. used his Constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech in disagreeing with the president’s policies). Then when that story didn’t work out for her, she also said that the HUD secretary made the whole thing up. Now HUD says she’s on leave and can’t be reached. Hmmm.

Josh Marshall commenting on HUD Secretary, Jackson's claim that he made it up and regrets ever saying it has it right:

“This reminds me of the time I walked into a bank and told them I'd stolen a bunch of their money even though I hadn't. I really regretted that.

“Or the time I told a good friend I'd slept with his girlfriend even though I hadn't. I really regretted that too.

“Alphonso Jackson. HUD Secretary.”


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