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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Limbaugh Uses Death of US Soldiers to Lie to America about Liberals

As most of the Left half of the Blogosphere commented with sadness and grief on the report that the two missing US soldiers had been found dead, Rush Limbaugh used the news to spread lies claiming that we, the truly patriotic Americans, were happy that our troops had been killed and perhaps tortured. Leave it to Limbaugh to use the deaths of these two men to lie again to America. I only hope the estimated 13.5 to 15 million Americans who listen to Rush will be sickened by his exploiting the tragedy of these two fine Americans. But I really doubt it. He has committed too many similarly unconscionable exploitations of Americans’ suffering and dying, and his audience remains behind him. They must either be incredibly stupid or unthinkably hate-filled.

May God help us.


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