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Thursday, June 15, 2006

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Al Qaeda documents show they want US to go to war with Iran – Will Bush obey the terrorists?

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100 leading American foreign-policy analysts both Republicans and Democrats say Bush is losing the War on Terror and has made the US and the World less safe. These experts include an ex-secretary of state and former heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, along with prominent members of the U.S. foreign-policy establishment from both parties. 62 per cent identified Saudi Arabia as the premier incubator for terrorists. So few experts think Iran is a threat and so many regard Iraq as a mistake that it "turns the administration's policies on their head."

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6 in 10 Americans say that because of the Iraq War the image of the U.S. is "worse off," with only 11% saying it is "better off."

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On Monday, the Bush administration told a judge in Detroit that the president's warrantless domestic spying is legal and constitutional, but refused to say why. The judge should just take his word for it, the lawyer said, because merely talking about it would endanger America. Today, Senator Arlen Specter wants his Judiciary Committee to take an even more outlandish leap of faith for an administration that has shown it does not deserve it.
Specter wants the committee to approve a bill he drafted that tinkers dangerously with the rules on wiretapping, even though the president has said the law doesn't apply to him anyway, and even though Mr. Specter and most of the panel are just as much in the dark as that judge in Detroit. The bill could well diminish the power of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, known as FISA, which was passed in 1978 to prevent just the sort of abuse committed during the Nixon Administration that Mr. Bush's program represents today.

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President Bush To Legally Blind Reporter: ‘Are You Going to Ask That Question with Shades On?’

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Karl Rove Helped Raise Money for Illegal Vote Suppression Tactics -- And the Mainstream Media Couldn't Give a Hoot

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Bush’s War on Terror increases risk of terrorist attacks according to UK think tank echoing findings of US foreign policy experts above (2nd item)

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House Majority Leader Boehner’s Confidential Strategy Memo for Thursday’s Iraq Debate:

1. Exploit 9-11
2. Attack anyone who criticizes Bush policy
3. Create a false choice between supporting Bush or supporting terrorists

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"War on Terror" "briefing book" just issued by Donald Rumsfeld's office to help Republicans use the 3,000 dead from September 11 to win the congressional elections in the fall advise GOP about “Osama bin Landen” No wonder they can’t find him. They don’t know his name.

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I haven’t seen any of these stories on the evening news where 90% of Americans get their information on current events. Why haven’t these and other stories so important to the US been broadcast to the American people?


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My only real question is how could a civilized government ever possibly win a war against terrorists?

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