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Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush Tapping US Reporters’ Phones – We Now Live in the USSR!

Sources in federal law enforcement have admitted that the CIA under Bush has been monitoring phone calls of American reporters covering political stories. For the past six years the Corporate Mainstream Media has been giving the Bush Administration a pass on most issues. I wonder if this revelation that they are being targeted by the feds snooping on their calls will embolden them to stand up and do their jobs honestly reporting the American People what Bush and his people have been up to, or whether this will frighten them further into an even more passive roll (if that is possible).

“Under Bush Administration guidelines, it is not considered illegal for the government to keep track of numbers dialed by phone customers.” That’s Americans calling Americans in the US.

Update: When this was first posted ABC News was saying that the monitoring of reporters phones was because the “CIA was also disturbed by ABC News reports” of their activities, and I assumed that they were saying that it was the CIA that was monitoring their calls. The CIA isn’t allowed to monitor purely domestic calls by American citizens. Since then it came out that it was the FBI. Now I have a lot of respect for FBI agents and all law enforcement officials. If they received a court order to monitor reporters’ calls to investigate the commission of a crime, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. The FBI claims that they are investigating the reporting of classified information, such as the news that the Bush Administration was monitoring the domestic calls of American citizens who have nothing to do with terrorism. Which you have to admit is a little ironic (not to mention circular) if part of their alibi for monitoring Americans’ calls is that some Americans revealed that they are monitoring Americans’ calls.


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