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Sunday, June 11, 2006

US Military Admits Exaggerating Zarqawi’s Importance

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, worked to overthrow Saddam Hussein in the years leading up to the Iraq War. He and his al Qaeda connected terrorist camp operated in Kurdish controlled Northern Iraq North of the No Fly Zone, an area where Saddam was not able to control because US sanctions prevented his planes from entering the region. Prior to that Zarqawi tried to over throw the government in Jordan and was imprisoned there for his attempted coup in Jordan. In April senior US military intelligence officers admitted that the Bush Administration was conducting a psyops (psychological operations) campaign to make Zarkawi seem more important than he actually was. Although Army Col. James A. Treadwell will only admit that the Iraqi people were the target of the psyops campaigns concerning Zarkawi, internal military documents and officers familiar with the program show that the US Home Front was a target of these disinformation campaigns as well. Videos produced for this purpose were shown not only on Iraqi TV, but also on Fox News Chanel here the United States according to this article from April, 10. Zarkawi was killed in a US bombing mission this past week.

The point here is not whether Zarkawi was an evil terrorist, he most certainly was. The point here is that under Bush the US Government targeted the American people for a psyops disinformation campaign designed to deliberately mislead us. These are the types of campaigns used against an enemy. Under Bush the enemy is us, the American people.


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