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Friday, November 03, 2006

Republicans in Congress Gave Nuclear Weapon Blueprints to Terrorists - Had Enough?

Back in March, Republican Leaders in Congress demanded that thousands of documents confiscated in Iraq be put on the Internet. This was because seasoned professional US intelligence analysts found no evidence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq leading up to the Iraq War. There was WMD prior to the First Gulf War, but by the time of the current Iraq War there was none. Republican Leaders in Congress wanted to give right wing bloggers and everyone else on Earth a chance to comb through the confiscated documents in hope of finding evidence of WMD. Intelligence Professionals objected to some of this information being put on the Internet. Even Bush’s head of Intelligence John Negroponte refused, but Republicans in Congress and the President overruled our nations Intel experts and so the information was made available to the world. Now it comes out that at least a dozen of the documents were blueprints for creating nuclear weapons and terrorists around the world had access from March until this week.

So Bush and the Republicans in control of Congress gave blueprints for constructing nuclear bombs to any terrorist with an Internet connection for months. Why? They were hoping someone would find justification for the Iraq War. For this they endangered the United States of America and our allies.

Had enough?

I have!

Vote the Republicans out of office on November 7, 2006.


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