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Thursday, January 11, 2007

US War with Iran to Begin Soon If Not Already

Conservative Reagan Republican, former Reagan Administration Official and former Editor of the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts, explained in an article published before President Bush’s speech last night that Bush and his Administration were gearing up to start a war with Iran and soon. They have moved aircraft carriers into the Persian Gulf and set up Patriot Missile batteries inside Iraq. The insurgents don’t have scuds or other missiles to warrant Patriot Missiles. Fighting the insurgents doesn’t require aircraft carriers. They have no airforce. Bush’s recent appointment of a Navy Admiral to be in charge of the War in Iraq and the War in Afghanistan (despite their both being desert wars) seems to support the conclusion that a war with Iran is in the works. An Admiral would know just how to launch an air and sea war with Iran. And those Patriot Missiles would be useful in one.

Israel is gearing up for this war, too. And they’re ready to go nuclear. Bush’s appointed US Ambassador to Israel says that the US will support such a move.

Last night in his speech announcing his plans to escalate the War in Iraq by sending 21,500 more US troops into combat situations, he also threatened Iran and Syria with military action.

Today US troops broke into an Iranian Consulate in Iraq and took documents, computes and took six Iranian Consulate employees (possibly with diplomatic credentials) as prisoners. This is internationally considered an act of war and was considered as such when Iranian students invaded the US Embassy in Iran in 1979. So I guess technically we are already at war with Iran or rather they are at war with us as Constitutionally it would require the US Congress to declare a war on Iran.


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