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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Read the dirty truth behind the dreaded Liberal Media.

This is why my brother-in-law and so many others think liberals hate America. I tried to explain to him that corporate pressures bias the news we get in ways that supposedly liberal reporters couldn’t. Many journalists report that their best work is spiked (not printed or broadcasted) because it may offend someone higher up. After a while to get anything in print or broadcast and keep your job you produce what the bosses want. Simple as that. The fact that many journalists have blogs or contribute to blogs (many anonymously to avoid being fired by those same bosses) in which they try to get the information that doesn’t pass through the corporate censor gives me hope. The increased readership of these blogs does the same. In fact the Time Magazine person of the year is us. Let’s not blow it. Blog on America. We can make our nation the best it can be.


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