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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Black GOP Candidate Bribes and Tricks Homeless Blacks into Lying to Black Voters

Michael Steele, Luitenent Governor and Senate candidate in Maryland (who happens to be black) and Bob Ehrlich , the white governor of that state, bussed hundreds of homeless people from Philadelphia to hand out campaign documents that lied to black voters in a heavily Democratic area telling them that the two politicians (Republicans of course) were in fact Democrats. The Philly Homeless people didn’t know they were handing out lies and when they found out they were very upset and felt used. The homeless people were promised food and money, but the GOP stiffed them. The GOP didn't provide the homeless people the ride back to Philly that they promissed them either. So the homeless people protested and then the GOP tried to pay them off but investigators who came down because of the protests witnessed the homeless recruits being paid off. It turns out the two Republican candidates did the same thing back in 2002. The Governor's wife even greeted the busloads of homeless when they came to Maryland.

I hope they are put away in prison for years to come. We have a small payback in that Steele lost his bid for Senate. Steele is now making a bid for Republican National Committee Chairman. Fits right in I'd say.

Black Republicans using homeless blacks to trick black voters by lying to them and then cheating the homeless out of the food and money they promised. Truly disgusting! There are absolutely no depths that the Republican Party won’t go to try to hold onto power.

Thank God that the GOP lost control of the House and Senate!

Update: The Republican Party offered Steele the position of National Committee Chairman. He is expected to give them an answer this coming week. The Republican Maryland Governor who was involved is blocking any investigation of Steele and himself.

Update 2: Due to increased focus on Steele and his hoodwinking black voters in Maryland, the RNC has decided to offer the chairmanship to Sen. Mel Martinez (R-FL) who has connections with Jack Abramoff and his bribes of Republican Congressmen Bob Ney who just stepped down from Congress after pleading guilty.

Martinez was also the one who passed around the memo that Republicans were going to exploit Terri Schiavo to win votes. He accidentally gave a copy of the memo to a Democrat and then tried to say the whole thing was a forgery until his staff admitted it came from his office.

Is there any Republican who isn’t a crook and a liar?


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