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Monday, November 06, 2006

Republicans Found Lying to Democratic Voters – Telling them Their Polling Place Has Changed – And Worse!

Republicans are calling registered Democratic Voters and telling them that their polling location has been changed when it hasn’t. This in an obvious effort to suppress Democratic Voter turnout in the 2006 election. This went on during the 2004 elections as well, but the Mainstream Media barely covered it. I expect they will barely cover it again.

More on the Republicans calling voters pretending to represent the Democratic candidate and harassing them so that they will vote Republican can be found here. Another good article can be found here. This is happening across the country. One pissed off voter recommends calling the National Republican Congressional Committee back at 202-479-7000 and harangue them the way they are harassing voters while pretending to the the Democrats. If you are receiving these harassing calls from the Republican Party complain to the FCC at 202-418-1440, phone number or their fax number at 202-418-0232. Unfortunately the FCC reports to President Bush so there is little they will actually do, but you can get your complaint recorded.

Republicans believe they can only win by cheating. And they’re right.

Vote the Cheaters Out of Office. Vote Democratic Tomorrow November 7.

Update: The exclusively Republican Company, Conquest Communications, that the Republican Party has been using to harass voters and make them believe it was the Democrats calling them has removed their contact information (phone number, address, etc.) from their web site because people were calling them back. Gee, the Republicans can call voters dozens of times posing as Democrats to piss them off into voting Republican, but they don’t want anyone calling them back to complain. So instead call the National Republican Congressional Committee at 202-479-7000 to complain about their Un-American and Illegal Dirty Tricks to try to Steal this election.

Update: Josh Marshall and Atrios are reporting that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and Fox are each ignoring the GOP's nationwide campaign of false-flag robocalls meant to harass voters and fool them into thinking the calls come from Democrats. If it were Dem on GOP, if it were on Drudge, the cable nets would be on it wall-to-wall. As it is, they're content to ignore it.

That's because the powers-that-be in the mainstream media are in the tow of the Republican Party. The Halperins and Crowleys of the news biz are all part of the same corruption.

Welcome to the USSR. Why do the Republicans even bother holding elections? Why not just declare themselves Kings and get it over with?

Get out and vote tomorrow. It may be our last chance to do so. Our only defense against tyranny is hugely strong voter turnout to turn the criminals out of office. We’ll work on forcing the criminals out of the Media after that. If you are asked to vote on an electronic terminal, demand to have a printed ballot. Vote early so they still have printed ballots for you to vote on. If you are forced to vote on an electronic voting terminal, have a video camera or a cell phone with the ability to store video capture your attempts to vote and if the machine changes your vote, send a copy to the local newspapers, TV and radio stations, send copies to the Democratic Party, to the FBI, etc. Get it out there so that they can’t duck this.

We will take back our country!


Blogger joe2 said...

There seems no level to which the Republicans will not sink. We hope for the best,as the results come in, nevertheless. Cheers

5:38 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

Thank you, Australian Joe, we appreciate the support of friends in Oz.

10:17 PM  

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