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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Republicans Harassing Voters Pretending to be Democrats – Voter Fraud!

Throughout the country voters are being called by “robo-calls” automated calls claiming to be from the Democratic Party but in fact they are from the Republican Party harassing voters so that voters will be so mad at Democrats they will vote Republican. This is against the law as it is a form of voter fraud, but the Republicans are confident that they won’t have to pay the piper until after the election when angry voters try to punish who they think is harassing them. This is what they’ve stooped to. The Republican Party continues to pay the legal fees for some of their people who were convicted of felony voter fraud like this in the 2002 election. The Republicans hired them back to help with the 2004 elections. And now they're at it again in 2006. Journalist Josh Marshall has devoted his own web site to uncovering these ploys.

Don’t be fooled! If you are being harassed on the phone it is in all likelihood the Republican Party. These people are criminals and don’t deserve to hold public office. Vote the crooks and cheaters out of office on Tuesday.

Of course if you insist on voting for the criminal Republican Party, wait until Wednesday to vote. You’ll have the day all to yourselves, and there won’t be any of those icky liberals around. Just kidding.


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