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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Monday will be a Red Letter Day

On Monday Saddam Hussein will be sentenced to die. The timing set for right before the US Mid-Term Elections to buy more GOP votes, but is expected to result in many deaths including American Troops serving in Iraq. But those deaths won’t be counted until after the election so Bush is going ahead with it. This may be in lieu of the usual video from Osama right before the election to buy GOP votes. But maybe we’ll get an Osama video as well just to be safe.

On Monday The Army Times, The Navy Times, The Marine Corps Times and The Air Force Times are set to publish an editorial calling on Bush to fire Don Rumsfeld for screwing up on the Iraq War.

Neo Cons including Richard Perle the Architecht of the Iraq War blasts the Bush Administration for screwing it up in and interview in Vanity Fair which comes out on newsstands Monday.

Monday’s New York Times is expected to include an interview with Bush Administration hero and spy for Iran, Ahmad Chalabi, in which Chalabi will blast the Bush Administration for screwing up the Iraq War.

Watch for these and many other news bites on Monday, November 6, 2006, the day before the election.


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