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Monday, November 06, 2006

Proof Saddam’s Verdict and Sentence Were Timed for US Mid-Term Elections

It has come out today that the court that found Saddam Hussein guilty and sentenced him to death hadn’t completed the document that lists what he was accused of, and how the court arrived at the guilty verdict. They won’t be done with that until Thursday!

Earlier the Iraqi Court trying Saddam said that they would not have a verdict before the November 7 US Elections, but this past weekend miraculously they managed to have it done except they’re still working on the paperwork and so they’re not really done after all. The Bush Administration claims that they did not pressure the Iraqi court to announce the verdict before the election, but the fact that they won’t be done compiling the charges against him until Thursday (two days after the election) exposes the truth behind this.

Saddam's trial took place in a country under U.S. occupation. The courtroom where he was tried, convicted and sentenced was established with $75 million of American taxpayers’ money, the "Iraqi" tribunal (judges and jury) were approved by the Pentagon and the State Department not the Iraqi government or the Iraqi people. The Bush administration has been calling the shots throughout the trial. Three defense attorneys have been killed and the chief judge resigned in protest against US Government involvement in the trial.

Saddam was a tyrant and he committed crimes against humanity, and because of that he should have been tried in an international tribunal that was not controlled by the United States if we wanted any shred of credibility in the verdict. Now the rest of the world knows that this was a US show trial. The fact that the verdict and sentencing were rushed before the US mid-term elections when the specific charges and manner in which the court determined his guilt (which must precede the verdict and sentencing according to Iraqi law) were even written down, exposes this to the world as a US political stunt to benefit the Republican Party.

Saddam would certainly have been found guilty before the Hague or any other International Tribunal, but they probably wouldn’t rush the verdict to help out a political party so that is why we ran the court ourselves.

We the American People have been made a laughingstock before the world by this obvious political ploy.


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