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Friday, December 15, 2006

Bush Lied – Tony (the Poodle) Blair Kept His Lies Secret – US Dragged Into War under False Pretenses

Documents just released show that prior the start of the Iraq War, both the Bush Administration and Tony Blair’s Administration knew that Saddam had no Biological, Chemical or Nuclear WMD and that Iraq posed no serious threat to its neighbors, the US or the UK. Britain has kept these documents suppressed and locked up for years under their “Official Secrets Act,” but they have now been deemed not a threat to Britain’s National Security and have been released.

Carne Ross, Britain's key negotiator at the UN said in late 2002 that he "discussed this at some length with David Kelly", the weapons expert who a year later was found dead after he was named as the source of a BBC report saying Downing Street had "sexed up" the WMD claims in a dossier. A British government (whitewash) inquiry into Kelly’s death ruled it a “suicide” and the (whitewash) Butler inquiry cleared Blair and Downing Street of "sexing up" the dossier. Publication of the Carne Ross evidence will cast fresh doubts on its findings.

Read about them here. And further information can be found here, and here and here. A different instance of false information used to justify the Iraq War is covered here.

Update: As of December 27, the US Corporate Mainstream Media has not picked up this information vital to the American people. Don’t hold your breath. They won’t report it. Still think we have a liberal media?


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