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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fox News Gave $2 Million to Terrorists Who Bought Weapons to Kill Israelis

Word is out that Fox News Channel gave $2 million to a Middle East terrorist group responsible for kidnapping two Fox reporters. The terrorist group has claimed they used the money to buy weapons which they are using to kill Israelis.

According to laws passed under the Bush Administration, any group which gives financial aid to a terrorist group is a terrorist group itself and will be prosecuted as such under American law. Their assets will be seized. The Bush Administration has seized the assets of people who contributed far smaller amounts to Muslim charities that the authorities believed were fronts for terrorist groups. This is a clear instance of a US corporation giving millions directly to a terrorist group and that terrorist group used the money for weapons to be used in the War on Terror. Will they seize the assets of Fox News Channel?

Will the Bush Administration follow the laws they put in place and prosecute as terrorists Fox News Channel which has been for six years the mouthpiece of the Bush Administration? In related news, Fox News Channel was hunting for any Iraqi insurgents who might say they would be happy that the Democrats won back Congress as this internal memo proves. The memo (and hundreds of others exposed in the film OutFoxed) clearly shows that Fox is merely a Republican propaganda spin factory.

Isn’t giving aid and comfort to our enemies treason? And aren’t the terrorists our enemy in the War on Terror? And if the Bush Administration is serious about fighting the War on Terror, wouldn’t they go after an American company that gave $2 million to a terrorist group regardless of the politics of that company?

We shall see. My guess is that the Bush Administration will not prosecute Fox News Channel because they are not really interested in going after those who fund terrorists; they are only interested in rhetoric which will win them elections and hold onto power.

You’re either with us or against us, George. Which are you? Which is Fox?


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