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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Violence From the Left Just a Matter of Time If Censorship Continues

I am going to address this post to those who feel that anyone critical of President Bush and his administration’s policies is un-American and should as Bill O’Reilly so often says, “Shut up!” Those who agree with President Bush on all of his policies and support the silencing of those who disagree with his administration need to put themselves in the latter’s shoes or else our nation will be beset with violence from the left. Let me explain: Assume that you are someone who disagrees with the current administration’s policies. If you honestly believe that elected officials are causing harm to your nation through their policy decisions it is not only your right, but your responsibility to speak out to let others know what you know. Let’s ignore for a moment whether those who oppose Bush administration policies are right or wrong. From their standpoint they are right, and that is what they believe and know. For over four years the Bush administration has silenced those critical of Bush relegating protestors of administration officials to “Free Speech Zones” far from the administration officials appearing in public and far from reporters and their cameras. In fact the press is not allowed to interview those relegated to Free Speech Zones. No TV, radio or newspaper coverage. If someone is wearing a pin or a t-shirt with anything critical of the Bush administration they are forcibly removed from the area where Bush administration officials are present. This is especially true wherever President Bush is publicly speaking. In the lead up to the Iraq war the mainstream media refused to report opposing viewpoints. Two of the largest newspapers: The New York Times and The Washington Post have admitted this. Many reporters in major TV and radio networks have told how stories critical of the administration have been spiked (that is not run) or buried during the current administration. Those who disagree with the Bush administration policies are well aware of this. They are also aware of the fact that it is not widely known by others in the United States. Although, people in other countries are informed of this by their news media.

Now those who for whatever reason believe that the Bush administration’s policies are damaging to Americans or to America or to the world at large want their voices heard. But if they are silenced from speaking out publicly in the same setting as Bush or his officials in a peaceful manner, those of them who feel strongest may decide that a violent act may be their only means of getting their message out. Over two hundred years ago our nation was formed when British subjects living in British colonies in the New World felt that they had no say in the British Parliament. Taxation without representation was the call, and when the British government failed to listen to their grievances the people reacted violently by instigating a revolution for independence. Our nation was formed to give a voice to those who were previously denied a voice in government and the public forum. Our founding fathers realized that to deny a voice to the people will only cause a violent reaction to those in power. Our current leaders and those who support their policies including the silencing of dissenters have forgotten this to all of our peril. Since our nation was founded on this belief that those critical of government should not be silenced, to do so is itself un-American. If you believe those critical of Bush are wrong, it is in your best interest to get their criticisms aired in the public forum so that they can be refuted on an open and fair basis. Otherwise those who believe their criticisms cannot be debated peacefully will look for other less peaceful avenues of airing their views. Continuing to censor those who disagree with the Bush administration will guarantee a violent reaction. We can mitigate this risk by reversing the policies such as Free Speech Zones for those who disagree, and the media can become more willing to air news items pointing out criticisms of the Bush administration. If we do not do this violence will surely result. And once groups find that violence succeeds in getting their viewpoints out where peaceful protest does not, it will lead to an escalation of violence. It is not a question of if it is only a question of when.



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