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Monday, November 21, 2005

Corporate Mainstream Media Indicted for Lying to US Public

Special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald indicted I. Lewis ''Scooter" Libby Jr. on criminal charges, including obstruction of justice, making a false statement and perjury in the CIA leak investigation. The press indicted itself on grounds of coziness, self-interest, and dishonesty.

Both Miller and Woodward said that their highest priority was protecting their source. Not informing the public the truth; just protecting their sources which turned out to be two high-ranking senior officials in the Bush Administration. Note that they weren’t protecting whistleblowers who were informing the public of something illegal they were protecting criminals who committed treason by revealing the identity of an undercover CIA operative working to keep weapons of mass destruction from falling into the hands of terrorists and other enemies of our country. And they did this in order to punish someone, Joe Wilson, who WAS a whistleblower revealing that President Bush mislead the American people in his State of the Union address using forged documents as his “proof” that Saddam was buying Uranium from Niger. A charge that was proved false as soon as international organizations got a one hour look at the forged documents that the Bush Administration had for more than a year presumably without realizing that they were easily proved forgeries with the wrong names on them. The CIA had warned the Bush Administration three months before not to use the false “evidence.” Deputy National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley, took responsibility for putting the lie into the State of the Union Address claiming he forgot that the CIA told him to remove the claim from an earlier Bush speech. Was Hadley fired for this? Why, NO! He was PROMOTED to National Security Advisor replacing Condoleezza Rice when she was promoted to Secretary of State.


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