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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bush Administration Stopped Looking for Dead Bodies in New Orleans Oct. 3 – Bodies are Still Being Found by Locals Returning Home

On October 3, the Bush Administration said that they had found all of the dead bodies of victims of Hurricane Katrina. They said they completed the job. Actually they knew that countless homes had not yet and have not yet been searched. Dozens of Hurricane victims have returned to their homes finding dead loved ones lying in their homes waiting for them. Maybe it's their mother or their grandmother, sometimes even their missing child. 104 have been found since the Bush Administration ended searches over a month ago. Ten more were found just in the last two weeks. 636 bodies remain unidentified. Read this article about a man who just returned home to find his dead and decaying grandmother’s corpse rotting in his living room. Authorities expect that this will go on for many more months. The Bush Admin gave up and left the residents of the State of Louisiana to finish the job. You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie, er I mean, Bushie!

Update: Also in the aftermath of Katrina, the Bush Administration gave sweetheart no-bid contracts to companies financially and politically connected with members of his administration including Cheney’s old company Halliburton and Rumsfeld’s old company Bechtel. More than a month ago under pressure from real Americans, FEMA promised to reopen the contracts so that companies would bid on the jobs rather than just giving them to well-connected cronies. More than a month later they have done nothing to fulfill that promise! There is no current activity in the Bush Administration to fulfill that promise! Bush put Karl Rove who is suspected of committing treason in charge of the handling of post-Katrina activities. Heck of a job!


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