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Friday, November 11, 2005

Senate Inteligence Commitee Found Evidence Bush Administration Manipulated Case For War

As shown in this article the Senate Inteligence Committee found a number of instances where the public NIE (the National Inteligence Estimate version shown to the public and members of Congress) was changed to make the case for War with Iraq stronger whereas the original classified NIE that was not shown to the public or most of the members of Congress. The original NIE included dissenting opionions not included in the public verison. In some cases the Bush Adinistration removed dissenting viewpoints. In other cases they inserted words to make the case for war more compelling. The Bush Administration released the public NIE as a response to chargest that the pre-war inteligence did not make a compelling case for war. So the Bush administration created the public version that was sustantially changed to make the case stronger. They did this after the fact. There may be other areas where the public NIE was doctored to strengthen the case for war, but corresponding parts of the original NIE are still classified. Any parts of the Senate report dealing with those are also classified. The parts that were declassified and included in the Senate report available to the public show that Bush Administration cooked the books on the NIE.

Senate Republicans have so far delayed a full investigation into charges that the Bush Administration misued intel to push for war. They promised to investigate more than a year and a half ago, but until Democrats forced a closed door meeting on November 1 nothing had been done on what is called Phase II. The Mainstream Media has failed to highlight this. In fact the Corporate Media has been repeating the false claims of the White House without bothering to correct them. They’ve also claimed that the White House and Congress saw the same inteligence before the war. This is not the case! Congress members (even members of the Intelligence Committees) are not privy to the Presidential Daily Briefing (PDB) -- a written summary of intelligence information that the CIA provides to the president. (The White House even withheld from Senate investigators the PDBs on Iraq delivered to the Oval Office prior to the war.). Read this article to learn more about this topic.


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